Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letter to NY Times about Israel-Egypt

To the Editor:
Re “Israel Worries That Egypt’s New Face May Not Be a Friendly One” by Ethan Bronner (A4, Feb 12)
Mr. Netanyahu cites the possibility that “Egypt would go the way of Iran … [that] a dark and violent despotism” could threaten Egypt’s own people and “everyone else.” Previously, Netanyahu claimed that Israel could be the victim of Iran were it to have nuclear weapons, as Israel does. Now he alludes to Israel as potential victim of a violent, despotic Egypt that might pull back from their 1979 peace treaty. Israel is reputedly the fourth most powerful army on earth. It has little real need of peace treaties. Thus, Israel has ignored the 2002 (again 2007) peace offers of the combined Arab League nations in exchange for Israel’s return of Arab territories (Golan Heights and Palestinian land) taken in 1967. Israel could make peace rather than present itself as potential victim of its neighbors.
Baylis Thomas
New York, Feb. 12
728 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10025
The writer is the author of two histories of the Arab-Israeli conflict

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